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“Following a meeting on Tuesday 2nd March 1920 of the Comrades of the Great War of which  Colonel Chichester, the Chief Constable for the area, was the Captain of the Post, it was  decided to form a club in Godmanchester for the comrades. The Club was to be called  “Comrades of the Great War Club, Godmanchester”, with subscription being 4/- per year and  visitors being allowed in on payment of 1d.  An offer was made by Commander Locker Sampson for use of the back premises of the  Constitutional Hall.   The original Constitutional Hall is what is now the snooker room with the stage being where  the bar is as you come through the double doors into the club. The lounge was used as the  club premises with a platform down the side of the room adjacent to what is now the dance  hall.”
The Comrades Club in Godmanchester dates back to 1920 and is still an important part of the Borough Town of Godmanchester. The following is an extract from the Club’s history written by Tony Fechter who was Club President between 1994 and 1997.
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